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French Rower Dies During Atlantic Crossing

A 75-year-old adventurer who was trying to row solo across the Atlantic has been found dead in his overturned boat. Jean-Jacques Savin set off from Portugal on January 1 and estimated that the crossing would take him three months. On Wednesday, he reported strong winds and that his solar panels w...

Jerry Kobalenko

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Little Hope on Winter Nanga Parbat

With jet stream winds forecast to hit Nanga Parbat hard until February 10, Herve Barmasse and David Gottler have all but given up this year'...

Angela Benavides

Science Links of the Week  

A passion for the natural world drives many of our adventures. And when we’re not actually outside, we love delving into the discoveries abo...

Weekend Warm-Up: The Long Road Home

During Arthur’s first year of life, he toured Ethiopia while his parents climbed the Towers of Tigray. As a new mother, I watched in awe whi...

Alex Myall

Rare Snow in the Sahara Yields Surreal Visuals

Turns out the sun, sand, and snow cohere to make quite the visual treat. Snow fell in Ain Sefra, Algeria this week for just the fifth tim...

Sam Anderson

Kobusch Up Again on Everest, Tseng Approaches K2

Jost Kobusch is patient, but not that patient. "I've waited long enough at Base Camp," he grumbled yesterday. So despite the cloudy day, and...

Angela Benavides

New, Vast Coral Reef Discovered

Marine ecologists have just discovered a vast and untouched coral reef near the Tahitian coast in French Polynesia. The reef spans nearly 3....

Jilli Cluff

Simone Moro on Nanga Parbat’s Schell Route: What Barmasse and Gottler Are Facing

With Simone Moro waiting out bad weather in Samagaon before resuming his winter climb on Manaslu, we seized the chance to ask the Italian ab...

Angela Benavides

Kuwaiti Mountaineer Completes Volcanic Seven Summits

Kuwaiti mountaineer Yousef Al-Refai is now the youngest individual to climb each continent's tallest volcano. Although the Volcanic Seven Su...

Jilli Cluff

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